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CushCore Introduces TRAIL Tire Insert for Enhanced Cornering and Reduced Weight

CushCore has announced the launch of their new TRAIL tire insert model. The new insert is designed to offer a balance between the existing PRO and XC models. The company’s founder and inventor, Adam Krefting, stated that through testing and feedback from riders and racers worldwide, the company recognized the need to develop a new tire insert model with a performance-to-weight balance that could fit between the existing models.

The TRAIL insert uses the same patented design and foam composition as the other CushCore inserts. However, the engineers have incorporated several new features into the design to reduce weight and provide more progressive sidewall support. The fluted sidewall design is a key feature of the TRAIL insert. It creates progressive sidewall support that increases as the rider pushes harder. The harder the push, the more support the rider will feel. Additionally, the TRAIL insert has centrifugal “flow channels” engineered to increase air and sealant flow, inner rim channel notches to reduce weight and provide even distribution of tire sealant, and an air valve notch that allows the insert to sit flat on any rim.

The TRAIL tire insert will be available in 29″, 27.5″, and mixed sizes from June 2023. It retails for $150 USD/set or $78 USD/singles and is designed to fit tire sizes ranging from 2.1″ to 2.6″ and inner rim widths from 22mm to 35mm, with weights of 199g for 27.5″ and 212g for 29″ versions.

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