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TranzX EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post: A New Competitor for the SRAM AXS Dropper

The TranzX EDP01 wireless dropper post is a new entry into the competitive market for electronic dropper posts. It offers a number of features that make it a compelling option for mountain bikers, including:

The EDP01 is a wireless dropper post, which means there is no need to run a cable from the post to the remote lever. This makes for a simpler installation and less maintenance down the road. The EDP01 is available in travel lengths of 170 & 200mm and in diameters of 30.9 and 31.6mm. This does rule out a number of riders and frames that need a shorter post. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that has an estimated life of over 6,000 activations per fully charged battery. The controller is powered by a CR2032 watch cell type battery.

The EDP01 is a direct competitor to the SRAM AXS Dropper. Both posts offer wireless operation, a variety of travel lengths, and a rechargeable battery. However, there are some key differences between the two posts.

The EDP01 is less expensive than the SRAM AXS Dropper. The EDP01 starts at $399, while the AXS Dropper starts at $861. As far as weight is concerned the EDP01 should come in at about 750g depending on travel and size. A SRAM AXS dropper will come in at about 700g. That’s not a ton of difference for half the price.

Time will tell if the TranzX bluetooth wireless implementation is as good as SRAMs. But but at first glance this post looks to be an affordable option for mountain bikers who are looking for a wireless dropper post.

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