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New Bike Roundup First Half Of February 2020

So many new bikes have been announced that we thought we’d wrap up some of the highlights into once place.

Carbon V2 Ibis Ripmo Follows the Alloy Version

Ibis has released an updated version of it’s Ripmo. Following the lead of the Ripmo AF the new V2 Ripmo carbon features the same geometry as it’s alloy brother. However the carbon frame ends up being nearly two pounds lighter. Ibis also says that the carbon layup is stiffer than the alloy version.

You will also see a jump in prices with the frameset alone costing $2,999 and complete bikes starting at $4,399. For comparison the Ripmo AF starts complete builds $2,999. Which begs the question, for the $1,400 difference could you drop those 2 pounds where it really counts with a baller wheelset and maybe a couple other upgrades?

Check out the new bike here

Commencal Revises Its Meta TR with the Meta TR SX

The Commencal trail bike got a revision that saw the 29er getting a shock length increase to 55mm instead of 50mm. Bumping the rear travel from 130mm of travel to 140mm. That rear travel is also serviced by Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil. All the other geo numbers stay the same.

Commencal is billing this as a trail bike made for fun. Find out more here.

New Transition Scout

The new Transition Scout is still rocking 27.5 wheels but it has upped it’s rear travel from 130mm to 140mm. Up front the bike moves up to 150mm of travel. The bike is now also only offered in carbon. Now more alloy Scouts, at least for the moment. Along with the travel and materials changes the geometry has been revised with a degree slacker head angle and about a degree steeper seat tube angle. The reach and wheelbase have also been stretched out while the chainstays actually grew by 5mm.

Builds start at $4,499. Check out more here.

Jamis Release New Carbon Hardline and Portal

Though not a secret, Jamis formally announced its new carbon versions of their Patrol and Hardline bikes. Formally only available alloy these new carbon bikes will share the same geometry but reduce the weight by 2 pounds and raise the base price from $2,999 for a complete alloy build up to $4,699 starting price for carbon builds.

You can check out more info here.

Lots of Ebike Stuff

Yeah there was lots of “ebike” stuff. But I’ll save that for later.

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