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OneUp’s V2 Dropper Gives Wider Range of Options

OneUp’s newly revised dropper post now has a wider range of options to fit the smallest to the largest riders. Now available in 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and 210mm lengths there should be an option for pretty much everyone. In addition, all of the length options can be shimmed down in travel by 10mm or 20mm. This means that if you need a 140mm dropper you can take a 150mm dropper and turn it into a 140mm dropper instead of having to compromise with a 120mm dropper. OneUp has also made other design changes. They have shaved off some total length and claim to have achieved the shortest total length and shortest stack height of any dropper. In addition they have revised their bushing designs to increase bushing overlap and durability. The OneUp dropper will be available in 30.9 or 31.6 sizes and still retails for $199 (without lever). You will need a cable clamping remote as the post requires cable stop to be assembled at base of post. The new OneUp dropper will be available …

PNW Ridge Dropper Post – First Impressions Review

PNW has released a $150 dropper called the Ridge. We couldn’t wait to get one in and try it out. The Ridge features 125mm of drop. This may not sound like a lot but in actuality for most average sized individuals (5’8″) 125mm works pretty well. In fact on the size medium Stumpjumper we mounted the Ridge on any more drop would have been too much. The PNW Ridge is internally routed and comes in two seatpost diameters: 30.9 or 31.6. It uses a sealed hydraulic cartridge for nice, consistent raising of the saddle but just has a slightly different internal design that relies on air more than just the coil spring. Rebound damping built in ensures the post rises smoothly instead of shooting up in an uncontrolled manner The post is infinitely adjustable across the 125mm of drop. It comes with a thumb lever that is 2x compatible and all the required hardware and cables for mounting. I was immediately impressed by the packaging and the feel of the dropper itself. This does not …

PNW Has a New $150 Dropper

PNW Components has a new dropper post called, “The Ridge” that just popped up on their website. PNW is known for their their high performance yet affordable droppers. The $150 price tag though is especially enticing. Thanks to TrailFeatures for the tip on this one. The Ridge dropper post has 125mm of travel and comes in both 31.6mm and 30.9mm diameters. This dropper uses a sealed hydraulic cartridge and a coil spring to reduce cost and hopefully make it very reliable. The routing is internal and it utilizes a front derailleur compatible lever design. The kit includes the lever, cables and all required hardware to install. What’s even more exciting is this $150 dropper comes with the same 3 year warranty that other PNW droppers come with. For $150 this may set a new bar in the budget dropper market. You can order you own here. The PNW product page can be found at: