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New Fox Dropframe Helmet

First seen a few weeks ago, the new Fox Dropframe helmet delivers some additional protection over most traditional half-shells. It also delivers some interesting looks. Fox’s M.O.RE. (Mandibular Occipital Reinforcement) Guard design provides coverage somewhere in between a full face helmet and a traditional half shell. M.O.RE. provides more coverage for the ears, jaw, and back of the head. The M.O.RE design gives a distinctive look by leaving most of the ear uncovered and opes to build a frame around that portion of the head. Interestingly there is no mention of MIPS or other concussion reducing technologies. The helmet does come with a Fidlock┬« SNAP magnetic helmet buckle to provide quick entry and exit while wearing gloves. The look of the Dropframe will definitely be polarizing. Time will tell if the additional coverage and new look will catch on with riders. You can pick up the new dropframe today for $169.99.

Review: Fox Racing Sergeant Shorts

Having a nice pair of riding shorts is one of the best investments you can make as you start mountain biking and the Fox Racing Sergeant Shorts is a mid-range priced pair that will last you many years. The Sergeant Shorts are a good mid range pair of shorts. It includes two primary features, an outer short that is relatively thick and made of cotton and polyester. It’s sturdy enough to support going through overgrown trails, or falls. Then inside is a liner with thick high-density padding for optimum protection in the areas where you need it. Fox Sergeant Shorts Fit and Quality The shorts are made of great quality, and they feel like they can stand up to everything you throw at them. I’ve gone on a half a dozen rides already, and they feel just as good as they did when they arrived. Another advantage is the number of pockets in the shorts. It has six different pockets so you can hold anything you’d ever need for an average ride. The side pockets …

Fox Ranger Glove Review

The Fox Ranger glove is a no-nonsense minimalist full-fingered glove from one of the most iconic brands in the mountain biking industry. I decided to give these gloves a try after hearing several riders sing the praises of riding with a minimally padded glove. Construction The Fox Ranger glove features a polyester palm and fingers that is minimally padded. The little padding that is added to the palms is provided by a simple double layer of the same material sewn on in strategic locations on the palm. The fingers feature mesh side panels to improve the breathability of the glove. The back continues a slightly rougher polyester fabric that seems a bit tougher than the palms. The gloves do not provide any kind of armor and are intended for riders looking for some basic protection and enhanced grip. ┬áThe back of these gloves also feature great graphics and I find them quite good-looking. The latest model of the fox ranger also features conductive thread on the thumb and index finger for touch screen compatibility. While …