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Finish Line Announces Tubeless Sealant Product

Finish Line, normally known in the mountain biking world for their lubricants, has announced that they will be producing a tubeless tire sealant. The big claim of this new sealant is that it will not cure inside the tires. This means that, according to Finish Line, you won’t need to replace or refresh this sealant during the life of your tire. If this claim holds up, it could be a very attractive options for riders that currently find themselves scraping stanimals (as seen below in the natural environment) out of their tire.

The Finish Line product has no liquid latex or ammonia. Instead it uses, DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers to seal punctures and cuts. Because of this, it is naturally non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It also appears to be water-soluble. So spills can be cleaned up with wet rag. Using Kevlar® fibers means that when a puncture happens the fibers are designed to fill in the hole and stop air loss. Finish Line says that “As the tire flexes while it is ridden, the FiberLink™ mesh tightens and reinforces itself, creating a confidence-inspiring seal that will last ride-after-ride.” It will be interesting to test this out and see how it holds up.

Finish Line Sealant will be available soon in 1-gallon bottles, as well as convenient 4oz, 8oz, and 1L consumer sizes. You can check out the video below demonstrating the setup and advantages of the Finish Line Sealant.

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