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MTB Crash Detection: Two New Products

Many mountain bikers ride alone and a fear many riders (and their loved ones) share is crashing hard in the woods and never making it back out. Two new products claim to offer a digital solution to adding some safety while riding solo. Specialized ANGi A new line of helmets from Specialized will be featuring ANGi (Angular and G-force indicator). This devise, features an accelerometer and gyroscope as well as a bluetooth radio to connect to your phone. Without that phone connection it appears that the ANGi won’t really do anything. The key is the Specialized Ride app that connects to the ANGi sensors alerts your loved ones when a crash is detected. This feature of course relies on your cell phone having signal in order to send a text. Many areas where I ride, cell signal is spotty at best. To try to get around this the Specialized Ride app allows you to also set an expected ride time. If you go over your ride time, the app will alert your loved ones with your …

OMNI – The Smartest Safe Cycling Helmet

Coros OMNI smart cycling helmet is designed to help you get the most enjoyment and awareness out of your ride while enhancing safety. Coros OMNI – helmet, smart remote, and mobile app – delivers smartphone connectivity, two-way audio, and instant accessibility, all packed into a high performance, multipurpose helmet. Open-ear bone conduction audio – no wires, no earbuds, no safety compromises – links to your music, friends, bike mates, navigation, and ride data to enrich the ultimate riding experience. Features Include: • Open ear bone conduction two-way audio. • Smart remote for hands-free control. • Auto LED safety illumination feature. • App Data share with STRAVA™ and MapMyRide. • Impact alert sends GPS location to emergency contact. • Rain, water, sweat resistant (IPX5). • Aerodynamic 18 vent cooling design. The helmet is currently going through crowdfunding on Indiegogo and you can reserve one starting at $129. As of today it has raised enough money to meet their goal and will begin shipping next month.

Urge BP Announces New Affordable Trailhead Helmet

Urge Bike Products, known for their distinctive helmets with unique venting has announced a more affordable option on its lineup of helmets, the Trailhead.  The Trailhead helmet features 18 vents and weighs in at 288g in Medium size while providing some very robust back of the head protection. This makes it a pretty lightweight helmet for the price. For example a Giro Chronicle weighs in at 385g and the newly announced Bell 4fourty weighs in at 338 Grams . It uses a click wheel style retention system and will come in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. The helmet will also be available in four colors, white, grey, black and green with a flexible and removable visor. Urge says the helmet will be available in November for a retail price of 59€ or approximately $70 USD.  Check out Urge at