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Lezyne Sport Drive Hv Hand Pump Review

Keeping your tires inflated is a pretty basic need while mountain biking, but it comes with several challenges. There are two potential valve standards, the valve is tucked between spokes, you have to carry this device with you in order for it to be useful and last but not least, you don’t want to spend your entire riding time inflating your tires. We’ll be looking at the Lezyne Sport Drive HV hand pump to see how it stacks up to all of these challenges. The Lezyne Sport Drive HV takes on the challenge of keeping your tires inflated while on the go with a clever design. Unlike many mini pumps that feature a valve head attached directly to the barrel of the pump the Lezyne Sport Drive HV features a separate hose hidden in the body of the pump that attaches to your valve and to the pump. This mini hose is reversible to allow connection to both presta and shrader valves. The flexible hose also reduces any lateral pressure on the valve stem while …

New Plugger Tubeless Tire Repair Kit From Blackburn

Tire plugs are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for fixing tubeless tires. Blackburn’s new “Plugger” utilizes the same bacon strip plugs that you are already probably familiar with. It does however include several unique design features. The Plugger comes with it’s own holster that allows you to both have the tool pre-loaded with a plug and also quickly grab it when you notice a flat. The holster doubles as storage for additional plugs. In addition Blackburn includes a strap to allow for easy attachment directly to your bike. Weighing in at only 27g for the tool and 47g with the tool and strap the Blackburn plugger won’t weigh you down. It’s also relatively easy on your wallet at only $19.95 with 10 plugs included. Blackburn Plugger Tubeless Repair Kit

YT Upgrades Their Direct to Consumer Business With New Toolkits

Following the lead of other direct to consumer brands like Diamondback and Canyon, YT Industries has announced that its 2018 bikes will include a new toolkit featuring “everything you need to let the good times begin.” Included with every YT bike will be a kit that includes a torque wrench, shock pump, Allen key, anti slip paste and all necessary manuals. As mentioned, YT is not the first brand to include these types of tools. It seems like this is a very healthy trend in the industry through. Mountain bikes are becoming more complex and need more dedicated tools to maintain even after initial assembly. Periodically checking the torque of pivots and checking your shock pressures are things every mountain biker should be empowered to do. Putting the tools in the hands of consumers from day one seems like a great idea whether the bike was purchased consumer direct or not. Mountain biking has and always will have a DIY, get your hands dirty vibe. The bike shop will never be in the middle of …