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New Marzocchi Coil Fork and Conversion

Marzocchi has a long history with coil forks and they are bringing back the magic with a new BOMBER Z1 Coil suspension fork. The new fork shares the 36mm chassis and the GRIP damper from the air sprung Z1. But, it swaps out the air spring for a new coil system.

The new coil is an ultra-lightweight tempered silicon-chromium steel spring. Even with this “ultra-lightweight” coil the starting weight is 2,525g which is fair bit heavier than the air sprung equivalent. It is availible in both 29 and 27.5 configurations with travel that can be adjusted in 10mm increments from 150-180mm (depending on wheel size) via included internal spacers.

Beyond your damper settings and your selected spring rate when you purchase the fork, you do get an external preload adjuster to adjust sag and firmness off the top. The spring side also includes an integrated air assist for progressivity and bottom out control. This is pre-configured and not adjustable.

The fork is available in 4 spring rates. Marzocchi provides a guide for choosing the right one.

It is priced at $749.00. There will also be a conversion kit for the air sprung Z1 available for $175.00.

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