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Downhill Loops at Charles D Owen With My 6 Year Old

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1 MileBeginner150ftView on MTB Project

Some days are just not great for heading out onto a large trail system. During our recent trip to NC we had some very rainy days. Even so, Micah, my 6-year-old, and I wanted to get some riding in. We had spied a little loop not far from our AirBNB house. The Charles D. Owen Downhill Track. As it turned out this was one of my 6 year old’s favorite rides while down in North Carolina.

Small loops like this can be great for beginners and younger riders. They are not intimidating because you are always close to the lot. Short loops also encourage progression. We were able to make three laps and each time we rode the downhill Micah got faster. This ride showed me that the longest, most epic rides aren’t always the ones you need.

Micah’s Specialized RipRock 20″ performed flawlessly. I have been really impressed with how well that bike has performed for him. The plus tires, once set tubeless, are very forgiving and do a good job of allowing him to push the limits of his riding abilities. The bike is also surprisingly light for having such large tires and rims. If there are any things that could be improved, I would wish for a lighter more tunable air fork and hydraulic brakes. But these are small complaints and the standard equipment on this sub $500 bike has been awesome and reliable. You can check out the whole video of our ride below.

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